Tim Carpenter essay at Camera Obscura

© Tim Carpenter

"Being conscious and aware and intentional all the time is probably beyond human capabilities. Splendor might be unattainable (and perhaps it should be). But the effort is worth it; it has to be. As the essayist and short story author George Saunders writes, 'Mostly we’re asleep. But we can wake up.'" --From Tim Carpenter's essay A most serene republic over at Camera Obscura. It's a fantastic piece of writing with many wonderful quotes. Anyone who follows Tethered will know that I'm a fan of Tim's work, and I enjoyed reading more of his thoughts about his process, and the act of photographing in general. This is one I'll have to read again in order to absorb it all.

On a different note, I was sorry to have missed the panel on photoblogging at NYPH this morning. Sounds like the talk given by Jörg Colberg, Andrew Hetherington, Cara Phillips, Laurel Ptak, and Brian Ulrich was excellent. Heather Morton has a nice write-up about it on her blog here. (I like that she says "can we be called authors rather than bloggers?")

Oh boy, my children are screaming, must run...


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