Ahndraya Parlato

©Ahndraya Parlato

Some really fascinating work by Ahndraya Parlato; see more here. Her artist statement is excellent so be sure to read it--it's a good example of words that support the work, making the concept clearer, while the images themselves are still able to stand alone as mysterious and beautiful photographs in their own right.

From her statement:

"I want to show the world in a way that recognizes the fragility of our constructions, that accepts, and perhaps welcomes the discovery of a torn veneer. My subjects accept the failure of order; they sense their own inability to control the world, and yet, they continue to try. Their world is marked by both a loss of comfort and the search for new and unusual methods of consolation, despite the impossibility of complete consolation."


littlepurplecow said…
I'm in love with that second image. Brilliantly composed.

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