The Review Santa Fe 100

The list is out, see the Review Santa Fe 100 here! Six more days until I hop on a plane and head West. I can't wait to meet some of the other 99 participants, along with the reviewers.

Tonight: Humble Fund Raising Party at Eponymy

From Humble Arts Foundation:

In an attempt to further meet our fundraising goals, Humble Arts Foundation, in collaboration with Eponymy, is hosting a Spring Cleaning Sale and Art Party. Details are as follow:

Date: Friday, May 29, 2009
Time: 6pm – 10pm
RSVP required: rsvp@shopeponymy.com

20% off storewide sale*
30% - 50% off Humble limited editions

466 Bergen Street (Park Slope)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

We are also pleased to announce that Eponymy, a supporter of emerging artists, will also debut its Spring exhibition at this event. Participating artists include: John Andrew, Melisa Beveridge, Gerald Edwards III, Ann Woo, Peter Riesett, Jon Feinstein, Samuel Morgan, Emiliano Granado, Tema Stauffer, Mikael Kennedy, Yeni Mao and Athena Waligore.

Attendees of this event are welcome to join our neighbors at Melt for drink specials between 6pm – 10pm. http://meltrestaurant.com




Ahndraya Parlato

©Ahndraya Parlato

Some really fascinating work by Ahndraya Parlato; see more here. Her artist statement is excellent so be sure to read it--it's a good example of words that support the work, making the concept clearer, while the images themselves are still able to stand alone as mysterious and beautiful photographs in their own right.

From her statement:

"I want to show the world in a way that recognizes the fragility of our constructions, that accepts, and perhaps welcomes the discovery of a torn veneer. My subjects accept the failure of order; they sense their own inability to control the world, and yet, they continue to try. Their world is marked by both a loss of comfort and the search for new and unusual methods of consolation, despite the impossibility of complete consolation."


Short and sweet

Susannah, Sophia and William, my fantastic hosts. Love the name tag.
Chatting with Phil Jung (ignore my windblown bangs...)
Me and Leslie K. Brown, as I get some wine and Sophia draws in the background.
The show: Kevin Van Aelst on the left, my work on the right.
My images on the wall.

I had a short but very sweet trip to Boston on Thursday/Friday. I took the Bolt bus up to arrive just in time for the Photographic Resource Center opening, where I had the pleasure of meeting PRC curator Leslie Brown and had the chance to chat with fellow show-mates Lydia Panas, Phil Jung, Anastasia Cazabon, and Kevin Van Aelst. It was also wonderful to meet Ben Alper of The Exposure Project after many emails back and forth about my collaborations with the group, as well as Suzanne Revy and Ellen Rennard, who both make great work. My godmother Kathy who lives in the area was there to support me, along with good friends William and Susannah who put me up for the night, and their four year-old daughter Sophia who was quite a hit at the party.

I was really impressed with the show--the images were wonderfully arranged to play off of each other, and each individual artist's photographs were very well presented. I was particularly taken with Lydia's large, gorgeous C-prints. Overall a great show and I was honored to be included.

It was great staying with William and Susannah--they used to live near us in Maplewood and moved up to Cambridge two years ago. We miss them. They live on a beautiful street and I loved staying up late talking, enjoying good meals, and even taking in a movie. Not bad for 24 hours. I'm happy I took the trip and hope to have another excuse to do it again soon. Next stop Santa Fe, which is only ten (ten?!) days away. I'm madly prepping my portfolio and going through the list of reviewers. I still haven't completely wrapped my head around the prospect of my travels and being away from the girls for five days, but given how enjoyable Boston was I'm sure I'll get into the swing on my arrival and will be back home with my family before I know it.


Daniel Cooney Emerging Artists Auction on iGavel

I'm happy to announce that my image Painted, seen above, is currently up for sale as part of Daniel Cooney's Emerging Artists Auction on iGavel. 50 other artists have prints available, and there's plenty of great work, including photographs by Jennifer Boomer, Ben Huff, Bryan Lear, Debora Mittelstaedt, Ahndraya Parlato, Justin James Reed, Kelly Shimoda, and Emma Wilcox.

All lots are available for viewing at Daniel Cooney Fine Art during regular business hours and by appointment. The gallery is located at 511 West 25th Street, #506
, and the gallery can be reached at 212-255-8158
 or dan@danielcooneyfineart.com
. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 6 and by appointment. The auction will close on Tuesday, June 9th.

See all of the lots here, and if you bid thanks in advance for your support!


June watching TV

Todd Deutsch

© Todd Deutsch

Todd Deutsch and his wife have a new baby. I love this photograph.

"I started making photographs of my family shortly before my first son was born in 1997. The pictures became a way to maintain an even keel in the midst of rapid change. We now have three boys and are awaiting a fourth. As they grow older the desire for assurance that everything will fall into place is undermined by the reality that no such certainty exists. There is no single destination, only perpetual movement. Being a father, as it turns out, is a process of constant adjustment and evaluation. I find myself being carried along by the current rather than heading deliberately and confidently forward. I am chasing the family drift with the hope that knowing where we have been will provide insight into where we are going...Chasing the Family Drift is a way of staying mindful of the time spent in the gaps."



Tim Carpenter essay at Camera Obscura

© Tim Carpenter

"Being conscious and aware and intentional all the time is probably beyond human capabilities. Splendor might be unattainable (and perhaps it should be). But the effort is worth it; it has to be. As the essayist and short story author George Saunders writes, 'Mostly we’re asleep. But we can wake up.'" --From Tim Carpenter's essay A most serene republic over at Camera Obscura. It's a fantastic piece of writing with many wonderful quotes. Anyone who follows Tethered will know that I'm a fan of Tim's work, and I enjoyed reading more of his thoughts about his process, and the act of photographing in general. This is one I'll have to read again in order to absorb it all.

On a different note, I was sorry to have missed the panel on photoblogging at NYPH this morning. Sounds like the talk given by Jörg Colberg, Andrew Hetherington, Cara Phillips, Laurel Ptak, and Brian Ulrich was excellent. Heather Morton has a nice write-up about it on her blog here. (I like that she says "can we be called authors rather than bloggers?")

Oh boy, my children are screaming, must run...

PRC exhibit opens next week

© Kevin Van Aelst, Cantor Set

Thanks to Hey, Hot Shot! for linking to my work today in their post promoting the upcoming PRC Exposure exhibit, much appreciated. FYI, the opening reception for the show is next Thursday, May 21st from 5:30-7:30 p.m. I'll be there with my great friends William and Susannah, who are kind enough to be putting me up at their place in Cambridge (thanks guys), and I'm looking forward to seeing the show and meeting some of the other artists. The exhibit will remain on view through June 28th; the PRC is located at 832 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA. For more information about the show go here. (When I have a bit more time I'll put the full list of artists up with selections of their work.)


New York Photo Award nominees announced

Well, I didn't make the cut again this year. It does sting the ego a bit. Alas, the photo submission process is a game of win some, lose some. Depending on my mood I'm either able to take it in stride or I get that sneaky sad-in-the-chest feeling. I suppose due to my powerHouse portfolio review experience (which I wrote about here) this one is causing some letdown, almost like I didn't get invited to the party for the cool kids...Tomorrow this uneasy feeling will be gone and I'll get back up on the horse, as I always do.

Phew, now that we've gotten my silly self-pity party fully out of the way, I'd like to heartily congratulate Lydia Panas, Kevin Miyazaki, Brad Moore, Eric McNatt, Robin Schwartz/Tinyvices and Grant Willing, all extremely talented photographers, for their inclusion. Take a look at the full list of nominees here.

Cafe Mom

A few photos of our house are up today on Cafe Mom, along with some of my thoughts on what home means to me. See more here.


Top Photo Blogs

I saw this Blog Rank on Whats the Jackanory (which scored in 83rd position in the ultimate rank) and had to check it out. Tethered is only number 149 in the ultimate rank, but made it on the list under Top Photography blogs by Alexa site rank. Frankly I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I'm number 36 out of 50, so I'll take it. Tethered is also number 22 out of 38 in Top Photography blogs by the number of pages indexed by Google. It seems that your blog won't show up in the rank until you input it, so add yours to the list and see where you stack up. Fun and games!



I'd like to thank my own mother for making me who I am today, and encouraging my love of creativity. She's one fantastic woman, and now that I have my own kids I know how much work I must have been!

Happy Mother's Day...

...to all of the wonderful women in my life. For my part I slept until ten and was woken by the girls bearing the Sunday Times, asking what I wanted for breakfast. Edie handed me a wrapped picture frame she made in school and June wished me a "happy birthday"--their excitement was quite adorable. James made me eggs and coffee and has now headed out of the house with the kids in tow so I can hang out in my pajamas reading the paper. He was out of town for three days and got in last night, so I have to say I feel like supermom, and am enjoying a break even more so than usual. Later I think I'll do some gardening, my latest obsession--you can see some photographs of my handiwork above.

Enjoy your Sunday--it's an amazing thing to be a mother, and on this gorgeous windy afternoon I feel particularly enamored of my family.


Magenta's Flash Forward winners announced

The Magenta Foundation has announced the list of artists for Flash Forward Emerging Photographers 2009. You can see the entire list here. A big congratulations to J. Wesley Brown, Anastasia Cazabon, Carey Kirkella, and Jon Feinstein for their inclusion!


Nymphoto opening tomorrow night

© Nina Büsing Corvallo
©Rona Chang

Wish I could make it to the opening reception and book launch of NYMPHOTO Conversations Volume 1 at Sasha Wolf Gallery in Tribeca. Here's the info if you're free: the gallery is located at 10 Leonard Street (between W. Broadway and Hudson) and the show will be up from May 6th to the 20th. The opening reception is tomorrow from 6 to 8 p.m.

With work by: Michele Abeles, Juliana Beasley, Rona Chang, Nina Büsing Corvallo, Candace Gottschalk, Jessica M. Kaufman, Klea McKenna, Michal Chelbin, Talia Greene, Maria Passarotti, Susana Raab, Emily Shur, Tema Stauffer, Jane Tam, Garie Waltzer & Jennifer Williams.

If you can't stop by the show while it's up, there is a companion book/catalog available for purchase via Blurb.



Am liking these three photographs of June together. From the top: Aftermath, Balloons, and Freezer pop.


Want to see something funny?

Voilà! School pictures. I decided to let the kids dress themselves because really the preschool shots are not precious keepsakes to this family of photographers, to say the least (look at those crayons!)--they're more a way to add some kitsch value to our fridge. Edie chose red for her ensemble (not her best color--look at that bow!) and though she's typically quite a goof, the day of the picture-taking she was apparently in a more serious mood. June went for a Laugh-In themed look complete with purple rain boots--the little hand on her knee just cracks me up. Someday, when they're older, these pictures will make me weep with nostalgia.



Empty box

Nothing like leaving a photo submission until the last minute, which is why I'm still up at midnight. I just finished and am now going to go crawl into bed, but I'll leave you with a recent shot that I put in my lineup of 15 images submitted. I'm going to be mighty tired tomorrow--such is the life of the aspiring artist who didn't budget her time well. Live and learn, over and over.