Interview with Larissa Leclair

I was asked by photography writer, curator and collector Larissa Leclair to do an interview about my experiences with self-publishing through Blurb and Magcloud, and I was happy to oblige. It's now up on her blog, and I hope it will provide some useful insight and advice into the methods I used when putting my images into print.

Our online conversation is also part of a larger dialogue taking place around the subject of the future of photobooks. Andy Adams of Flak Photo has teamed up with Miki Johnson from liveBooks' RESOLVE blog to facilitate a blog-wide discussion--so far nearly 50 bloggers have contributed posts with their thoughts, and liveBooks has published numerous collections of innovative links and ideas as well. Last week they launched three real-time blogger-moderated comment conversations, and the posts are still streaming in. You can add your own contribution to the discussion--see all of the details on RESOLVE here.

Now for a real-life anecdote: during the writing of this post I've had to run upstairs no fewer than ten times to respond to cries of "Mommy, June is touching me!" "Mama, Edie's touching me!" "I need my Ariel Barbie!" "I need the other Barbie's bathing suit to put on the Ariel Barbie!" and so on. They seem to have finally settled in, just as I'm finished with writing. Sigh.


S. Newbery said…
...and the interview was very informative---thanks for doing it!

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