Versus opens tonight at 7pm

Opening tonight at Hous Projects!

Curator Ruben Natal-San Miguel is a force in the art world, and an amazing one at that. His enthusiasm and excitement for photography are infectious, and I think there are few out there working as hard as he is to promote, encourage and support us photographers. Even though I've been in a few small things in Manhattan, none have been in a formalized gallery setting, so I consider this my first true NYC show--it's an exciting step, and I'd like to thank Ruben for making it happen. I'm also honored to be paired with Phil Toledano: his "Days with my father" is among my favorite recent bodies of work. Truly stunning.

Versus curatorial statement:
At the start of not only a New Year, but also a new decade, it is imperative to reflect upon the themes of our times and celebrate humanity’s accomplishments and spirit. Through the work of 18 photographers both emerging and established, Versus’ aim point is to survey photography, guided by the hand of curator Ruben Natal San-Miguel, that does just this. Compared and contrasted, each artist dissects and highlights the other through juxtapositions of subject matter, composition, style, lighting and technique. The exhibition is a cornucopia, yet the underlining tone is one that allows each of these strong voices to sing and praise the body as a whole whose refrain is socially relevant, neither mundane nor negative or shallow and is extremely timely. It is ever amazing how much courage it takes to live an ordinary life, but this exhibition hopes to cull and inspire in each viewer the motivation to embrace and own the good, usher it into their day to day and make the next year as well as decade one of positivity and strength.

Phil Toledano vs. Elizabeth Fleming:
Phil Toledano’s Days with my Father series deals with family dynamics, the relationship between him and his father, aging and the last days of his father’s existence. Elizabeth Fleming’s Family matters deals with the life endearing facts of raising a child of her own.

You can see the other "vs." write-ups by Ruben here; in addition, Aline Smithson has a lovely post on her blog about the show, along with pairings of images.

ALSO, don't miss Timothy Briner's Booneville at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, which also opens tonight--this is a must-see. I wish I could make it but two stops in one night just ain't gonna happen. I'll be sure to get to the show at a later date; we own one of his prints and it's gorgeous. Congrats T.B.!


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