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On a happier note:

I've been wanting to share Manjari Sharma's work for a bit now and today's the day. She has a body of work called The Shower Series that completely drew me in the first time I saw it. The intimacy of the images is quite striking--I find myself having a difficult time articulating what I think about the quality of the subjects' expressions because of this sense of peering into a quiet, private space. My favorite photographs in the group are the ones where the water itself becomes a subject of sorts: frozen in mid-fall or washing down a person's face it creates such a feeling of solitude, and again that word: intimacy.

In her artist statement Sharma uses terms such as "confessional" and "pious" and I think that's part of the success for me of the pictures, in that they do carry this sensibility of opening up, of baring secrets--not in a traditional religious setting, but another, similarly small space, one that is usually private and not shared with strangers. See the rest of her beautiful work here.


nikki said…
Thanks for sharing Manjari Sharma's work, it's captivating!

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