Photo LA / Mpls Photo Center installation shots

Mpls Photo Center © Amy Eckert
Photo LA © Liz Kuball

The art community is wonderful--in the last week or so I received separate emails from photo friends Liz Kuball and Amy Eckert with attached installation shots from Photo LA and the Portraits show at the Mpls Photo Center respectively. Amy will be having a solo show herself at the Photo Center, stayed tuned for details. Thank you both!


Liz said…
Oh, mine was just a quick snap with my iPhone. I didn't know you'd be posting it on your blog . . . I would've done a better job! In any case, congratulations on the show. It looked great!
I figured people would assume it was a camera phone or the like, quality is just fine :) You know what's sad though? I was just going to put "c/o" Liz Kuball instead of ©, but then I got all grammar-police and couldn't find an abbreviation for "courtesy of" (c/o apparently stands for care of and is for letters only). I should have asked you considering your day job!
charleystar said…
Congratulations on the show, Elizabeth, and great write up about it. Nice pairing with Phil Toledano, too.

I have always loved that photo of (your daughter?) in the bath since i first saw it.

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