I shot these images at a friend's house on Memorial day. There was a point when I was sitting in their playroom (in the middle image) and I had this moment of total fear. The oil spill and the ramifications for my children hit me in that dark space; the lights were out, there was a particular late afternoon quiet, and the light was eerie in its beauty. I felt the way I used to feel as a kid when I thought about nuclear war, about annihilation. Not entirely realistic, but still in the realm of possibility.

I thought of the oceans becoming completely polluted, the planet collapsing--melodramatic potentially, but for a flash I really felt it. I felt that Edie and June's children might not make it--I felt it even within that sunny pleasant day, no catastrophe in actual visual sight. We may be just fine and we may not, but I think any parent will understand the mindset and the parallel futures we imagine: the one with good things and the one without.


that first photo is wonderful...!

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