Timothy Archibald

© Timothy Archibald

I have been wanting for ages now to put up a post about Timothy Archibald's series Echolalia. I don't know why it took me so long--I think part of it is that I freeze up when thinking about how to address the work, simply because so much of the imagery takes me to that place of pure looking--of complete immersion--and it's difficult to address this feeling of absorption in words. Timothy is a well-respected and accomplished photographer, but I'll admit that for me he's only a recent discovery, and coming across his work late one night in the dark in front of my computer screen was a revelation. I was so taken that I emailed Timothy to tell him how much I loved his images, which started a wonderful little email exchange where we discussed parenthood and creativity, the concepts behind our series, and the like. I read his blog daily, always hoping for a new Echolalia picture, and though I could go on and on about what I see in the photographs I'll leave it to you to go experience the beauty of the pictures for yourself; you can see some on his main website here, and more on his Work in Progress blog here. Sometimes you come across imagery that you just know you can't do justice to in written form. 


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