Caleb Charland

© Caleb Charland

I wanted to say goodnight here on Tethered with a post that's not all about myself because I've just started writing again after a dry summer and don't want this to turn into one of those yawn-fest self-promo blogs right out of the gate. With that said, I've spent the last half hour or so letting James put the kids to bed while I putz around the internets, and in my sort-of-sleepy red-wine state one link led to another and I ended up on Michael Mazzeo's site which I hadn't checked out in a while. There was a solo show of Caleb Charland's series Fathom and Fray at the gallery in the spring and many of his images are quite beautiful. Some do feel a bit too obvious for my taste, but the ones that are more abstract and mysterious are striking; two of my favorites are above. Now off to load the dishwasher.


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