Clare Gallagher

© Clare Gallagher

Apologies to those who follow Lenscratch as this post is going to pretty much mimic what Aline put up today, but I had to share Clare Gallagher's work. I always love it when I find out about photographers who examine the domestic sphere, as Gallagher does beautifully. Above are my favorites, visit her website to see more. Her artist statement is also great, and echoes so many of the thoughts I have about my own daily existence very eloquently. An excerpt:

The everyday is complex terrain. It is always there, readily and universally available; surely it is so obvious that it needs no unveiling. And yet it is also shrouded in haze, our sense of it dulled by familiarity and habit. It may induce a feeling of comfort in simple rituals or of imprisonment in tedious routine. Ambivalence is a central experience of everydayness but that quality also means it is difficult to define, depict and study. While the ordinary and unremarkable constitute the fabric of much of life, our attention is lured away from the quotidian toward the dramatic and exotic. 

This privileging of the apparent over the obscure fuels the fragmentation of everyday life and creates an impression that those parts of life lived away from the public arenas of street, workplace and media are unproductive and insignificant. The result of this “triviality barrier” is that the most ordinary, familiar parts of daily life, while seeming the most present and obvious, are often disconnected from our sensory perceptions and conscious thoughts. We are at risk of missing out a significant portion of our experience that is ever-present yet escapes attention. 


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