Someone I Know

I'm very excited to have the above image included in Stuart Pilkington's latest endeavor, "Someone I Know." He has five other equally intriguing projects--I was part of "The Chain" last year (my contribution can be seen here) and he also curated the the popular "50 States Project" in 2009. "Someone I Know" has a really amazing collection of photographs; I'll be posting some of my favorites in the days to come. In the meantime I highly recommend taking a look.

Regarding my photograph: the due date of March 31st was getting fairly close, I'd had months to submit my image, and though I'd halfheartedly taken some other photographs I wasn't really happy with anything. Strange to say it, but I got lucky enough to have my kid come down with pinkeye. Voila! A perfect picture opportunity was handed to me and I ran with it.


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