Googling oneself

At the risk of seeming self-centered I'll admit that, yes, I too Google myself. (Who knew ten years ago that that sentence would even exist...) It's not entirely egotistical, I swear. I like to think of it as a research exercise: you never know when your work will end up on a random blog, weheartit or the like. Curiosity and all that. Well, lo and behold, during this evening's search I found out that my image "Tank" was up on FILE magazine on May 5th and I had no idea. I'm not sure what their policy is regarding alerting contributors (it would have been nice to be told, in all honesty) but now at least I have a real excuse for trolling the web. So for all of you guilty self-Googlers I say: keep it up, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out that you're in something you thought was a no-go. 


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