VISION magazine

I got an email from VISION magazine in China last week saying they want to do a feature story on my photographs from "Life is a series of small moments." I finally had a chance to get in touch with one of the editors today and was excited to find out they'd like to use 20 images and do a four-page article. I hadn't heard of the magazine before so did a little research to make sure it was legit prior to responding to their request, but once I saw that I'd be following the likes of Muzi Quawson and Shen Wei (who are in the May issue) I was happy to get on board. 

That's the thing about the life of an artist. You never know when something will come out nowhere. I must say it feels good to be approached, rather than the usual waiting game involved with sending out work.


Anonymous said…
This is very exciting! Keep me posted on timing, etc.
J. Wesley Brown said…
Congrats! Very cool.

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