Fresh eyes

Paper airplanes, 2007

In redoing my website I've been going back through all of my image files from the last few years to see if there's any work that might strike me in a new way. I was surprised that I never used the photograph above for my Visiting series and will most likely add it to the online gallery, stay tuned.


Melanie Flood said…
I'm surprised too- that's a great image.
kim the midwife said…
I love this image.

It makes me thinks of a story my mother loves to tell me. After a tantrum/ scolding (when I was just starting to write), I sent a paper airplane note into her room. The message written on it: "I no love you."
Thanks Melanie, and thanks Kim. I love the story about your note here and on your blog, it takes me back to my own childhood and that stage that was full of forceful messages, threats about running away, and the like. Edie made me dictate how to spell "keep out" the other day so she could tape it to her door, I think we're entering paper airplane territory...

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