Melanie Flood Projects

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A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Melanie Flood asking if I'd be interested in showing some work as part of an artist's project space that she's opening up in her home in Brooklyn, à la Grant Willing and Alana Celii's Rotating Gallery. I jumped at the chance as I'm always game for meeting more people within the art community (Melanie herself is also a photographer) and I like the idea of intimate spaces filled with art where you actually get to really see the work and talk to the curator(s) and artists. I got the sense from her initial email that she was passionate about the project, which made me want to be involved, and she was kind enough to recently link to Tethered on her blog. I find her site to be very honest and kind of quirky (I mean that as a compliment), which is right up my alley. I tried to be the first to get the print above (see her offer here), but alas Jason Polan beat me to it. I'm also excited because Melanie is venturing out to Jersey this coming Wednesday so we can meet in person and I can show her more of my work. Should be fun.

The first Melanie Flood Projects group show will be in September, I'll be sure to post updates when I have them.


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