Wassenaar Magazine

After a truly lovely afternoon spent at my house with Melanie Flood on Wednesday I was feeling depressed about not being selected for Hey, Hot Shot. As all of us putting our work out there know rejection is never easy. But I woke up the next morning to an email from Noel Rodo-Vankeulen of We Can't Paint letting me know that one of my images was selected for his soon-to-be-launched Wassenaar Magazine (part of the We Can't Paint Network), which made my day. Such an up-and-down roller coaster this whole submission process can be.

We Can't Paint is one of my current favorite blogs, so I'm honored to be included (although I'm wondering if I need to start a "shameless self promotion" label...) All joking aside, I do feel the word "honored" is an apt one. I'm always thankful that there are those out there who make the effort to promote and discuss emerging photography, especially when they're working photographers, including Noel himself. That artists take the time--on top of making their own images and tackling submissions--to curate shows and promote others is no small feat. I hope I can do my own part by writing about photographers whose work I find impressive and inspiring. Speaking of which, check out the great interview with Carmen Winant over on subjectify. Not only are her photographs amazing, but the way she's able to articulate her process and her concepts just blows me away.


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