Happy accidents

Gum in hair, 2008

How to win mother-of-the-year award: 1. Put little one down for a nap. 2. Convince older child to lie down with you because you're still recovering from your cold. 3. Everyone falls asleep, a rare miracle. 4. Wake up fifteen minutes after you were supposed to drop older child off at ballet, to the sound of little one screaming. 5. Everyone is up. Older child cries because she's disappointed she didn't get to show everyone her striped tights and yellow sequined hand-me-down recital tutu. 6. Pacify children by allowing them to watch a movie. 7. Pacify children by allowing them to eat dinner in front of movie, including cheese, which they grind into the cushions and let the dog share with them. 7. Give older child gum, continuing with the theme of pacifying--this cold's a doozy. 8. "Uh-oh Mama"; older child has lost her gum. Did the dog eat it? Is it in the sofa? Give up looking, file under "deal with later." 9. "Uh-oh Mama"; older child has actually gotten gum hopelessly stuck in hair. Laugh, what can you do? See #8, "deal with later." 10. Movie ends; put children in bath. Tell older child she's going to get a "trim." 11. Cut the gum out. Realize there's a four-inch chunk now gone from back of child's hair. Tell child she needs a haircut. Child is being an angel, thank god for that nap. 12. Proceed with full-out haircut. Tell child she looks "Parisian." Keep younger child from whacking older child in head with Barbie doll. Grab camera, take pictures of gum in hair (see above). 13. Older child loves new haircut, mom loves new haircut--everyone remained calm, all is right with the world. 14. Pat self on back for smiling through situation. Put children in pajamas. Lie in bed and listen to older child "read" books to mother and little sister. Settle down together nestled under the blankets. Transfer little one to crib--no crying! Play "Pretty Pretty Princess" with big girl, admire her hair. Kiss her goodnight, she's gorgeous.

Life is full of happy accidents.


J. Wesley Brown said…
Honestly, I don't know how you do it. I guess it's that gorgeous bit.

Last night I had trouble just trying to do laundry, shine my shoes, and edit photos, for goodness sakes.
That is a super photograph. The viewer can tell that that is your kid's hair...not the hair of a stranger. Great job on that.
Wes, gorgeous definitely helps! Thanks for the vote of confidence, like anything when you have children you learn to adapt, and there are plenty of days when the laundry, etc. doesn't get done. (And I can't remember the last time I shined my shoes...Where are my shoes?)

TA, thanks as well. Happy to hear the photos have that personal touch and read as my child's hair and not just anyone's.

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