Pet Peeve:

Dust spots on images on websites. Please, for the love of g-d, if you're going to put something up on your site in your portfolio, clone-stamp those babies out. I just don't see any excuse for them, unless the work is purposefully about being messy and trampled and gritty. Otherwise, spare me.

Pardon my crankiness but I feel like I'm getting the flu and therefore will be missing out on the fun at Michael Mazzeo tonight, boo. I've been spinning my wheels today largely due to not feeling 100%, but I just got this forwarded quote in my email from my inspiring friend Rita Desnoyers-Garcia, and it made me feel better about my current snail's pace:

"Making a little bit of progress is much better than making no progress at all. Even though the going may be slow, keep going. Moving slowly toward your goal is much better than not moving at all. Do what you can, when you can, with what you have. Time will work in your favor when you use that time for positive purpose. Over time, even the small efforts bring big results. If you waste your time wishing you could do more, you end up doing less. Cheerfully use your time as it comes to do the best you can. Even when you're not able to take a major step forward, you can always take a small step forward. Keep taking those small steps, and the opportunity to take that big step will surely come. A little bit here and a little bit there will soon add up to a lot of progress. Even when you can't do much, you can always keep yourself actively headed in a positive direction." ~ Ralph Marston


colin pantall said…
Absolutely, Elizabeth, keep on going and things become clearer and clearer. I think we all try to do too much, too fast, too instantaneously and the results are never good.

It doesn't matter what you do just as long as you keep on doing it, and the longer you take, the more you think about it and the more that thought gets put into the work however little that work might be.

And then there are times when there is just no point in making work, when sitting back and letting life go by are far more constructive. December is one of those times (and so are November and January - and possibly February).
Stella said…
Great post, Elizabeth. Just keep on going no matter how small the steps you take. You're doing great!
Stephanie Lange said…
just the right quote

at just the right time

for me

Colin, yes--I think sometimes taking it slow is actually what's needed. A lot of it is about mindset--not getting caught up in the rush of wanting to apply to everything everyone else is applying to, etc., but being able to step back and recognize it's ok to have lulls in working (be it in December, and/or January, and on...)

Stella, thank you!

Stephanie, very glad you found the quote when you needed it--you're very welcome.

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