Three-way Battle Photo: Squirrels!

© Justin Visnesky
© Shawn Records
© Ed Panar

Apologies to Amy Stein for pilfering her Battle Photo concept, but I saw Shawn and Justin's squirrel photos a while back and knew at some point they needed to be seen together. Shawn was kind enough to pass along the above jpeg, and gave me the tip on Ed's photo (coincidentally Ed and I were both in the show HERE and THERE that Justin curated at Snowflake/CityStock gallery, so it seemed fated); as a result we now have a three-way smackdown. These guys all make fantastic work, be sure to check out their sites: Here's Shawn, here's Justin, and here's Ed. Enjoy!


Mel Trittin said…
This is an exceptionally difficult choice but if I can only grab one before running out of a burning house it will be Justin's. I think the squirrel and Last Supper are just my ironic cup of tea.

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