Critical Mass finalists

The list of Photolucida's Critical Mass finalists has been released and I'm very happy to report that I made it! It feels particularly great because I didn't get in last year, and I think that was the hardest rejection to swallow to date (see my mention of it last year it here). Looking back at my 2008 submission I'm now really able to see the weaknesses in the images I chose to submit, and feel as if having that year, along with the feedback I've gotten from some incredible people, made 2009's entry much stronger. Many thanks to the prescreeners, and congratulations to the friends who made the list as well--it's wonderful to see so many familiar names and such talented people on the list, I'm humbled to be alongside them. Good luck on the next round!


rob penner said…
Congratuations. I do love your work. Very meaningful. I would like to think my work has a similar sense to it. I did not get in to Critical Mass this year so I can relate to the disappointment of yours from last year. It does not drain my well of hope though. I continue to respond to this world through the lens and will try again. Good luck. rob
Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. Your work does have that sensibility--very nice images. Yes, don't let the rejection drain your well of hope, I didn't get into much for a good long while, but kept at it and things finally began to pick up. It seems to be the nature of the photo world. Keep submitting and I'm sure it will pick up for you as well!
kate said…
Congratulations! And thanks for linking to your post last year. I also didn't make Critical Mass this year, although I knew I was entering images that would probably not be what people wanted to see. I just felt like I needed to give them a fair chance or something.

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