Well, shoot

uneaten cake from the back of the fridge © Kevin J. Miyazaki

I've had a busy week without much time for posting. Some good projects going on that are coming out soon, but the rejections still hit hard. I'm starting to feel like interest in my work is picking up, which is a wonderful feeling, but I held out high hopes for Critical Mass and, alas, it's a no go. Sigh. It never gets easier, wanting something and not getting it, despite how nice the notification email from Shawn Records was:

"If you did not make the final group, please remember that everything, especially assigning a numerical value to art, is subjective. The important thing is that you are working to get your work out there, and as most (all!) of you know, it is a constant process. Even the fact that you are doing the work to begin with is commendable, and that is why we exist as an organization - to support your endeavors as much as we can."

Looking at it that way does feel like sage advice, and reminds me to focus on the fact that I'm submitting, and most importantly, creating the work in the first place.

Check out the list of finalists here, and many congratulations to Cara, Suzanne, Will and Kevin.


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