New images

I had a chance to tweak these images this morning, and I think the contrast is better than my first try, though I tend to work on my photos until the cows come home. One of the drawbacks of being anal is that I'm never completely satisfied. These two pictures were taken over the last few days; I've really been feeling the desire to shoot a lot lately so am just now starting to edit and work on the multitude of images in earnest. More soon.


Brea Souders said…
these are both beautiful and they really compliment one another. the second one is interesting because the band aid almost looks like a hinge holding the arm close to the body.

ps. i totally relate to your obsessive reworking of images. i waste so much time doing that!
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like them and that's fascinating about the hinge aspect--I hadn't noticed but I love it as another layer.

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