Now you know what I look like

For the past three days I've been uploading and subsequently deleting my bio picture from my profile. It occurred to me that if I go to an opening or the like and you're a fellow blogger or photographer or just keep up with my work you wouldn't know me from any other woman in the room. But at the same time I hesitate to include a photo because it's so hard to take a picture of oneself that isn't too snapshot-ish smiley or too self-important artsy stare-into-the-middle-distance-esque. I hope I struck a good middle ground, and now if you see me on the street you can say hello. Don't be surprised though if at some point this post disappears along with my picture, rendering me mysterious once again.


kim the midwife said…
I like seeing the face of a woman who has had a VBAC :) Thanks for popping over to my blog.

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