I've been focusing my energy since Friday morning on helping Edie deal with a horrible fever/stomach bug. She's finally turned a corner thank goodness, declaring today as "the best pukey day ever." I guess that counts for something...June, being cooped up and watching too much bad on-demand movies due to Edie's illness (we stooped to new lows with Garfield, Space Chimps and Strawberry Shortcake) has pretty much gone stir-crazy insane. James, despite feeling under the weather himself, is incredible superdad and took her out to lunch so she could burn off some energy. That's been our weekend in a nutshell--here's hoping I manage to stay healthy as I have a few upcoming things on the radar to prepare for. Will share more when I can.


Sarv said…
I think that Best Pukey Day should be a national holiday!

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