Colin Pantall's "How not to Photograph"

© Colin Pantall

© Elizabeth Fleming, Dust bunny, 2001 and Dust bunny, 2007

Colin Pantall has been impressively keeping up with his "How not to Photograph" posts. Today's, "Hasn't She Grown Part 1" and "Hasn't She Grown Part 2" of course struck my fancy because they're about taking pictures of children. Part 1 is the cynical (and quite funny) version, part 2 is much more hopeful. Definitely worth a read, and you'll then understand why I decided to put my dust bunny photographs up as illustrations.


colin pantall said…
Hi Elizabeth - I love your dust bunnies, they're much better than the smeared windows I used to photograph when Issy was a baby.

My heart isn't in the first post because the second one is the right one! For sure!

Oh, I've got some smeared windows myself! I love the self-deprecating, somewhat sarcastic quality of your first post, balanced out by the heartfelt nature of the second. They make a nice contrast, and I had to chuckle over the dust bunnies. Every "how not to photograph" rule is meant to be broken, right?
colin pantall said…
The heartfelt call of the second post is the one that matters - and there could be a post like that to counteract every how not to post, so every rule is there to be broken.

Just as long as you care enough about something, have enough passion and photograph out of love, desire, determination, persistence, anger or even depthless logic, then you should photograph it.

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