James Worrell

© James Worrell

Congratulations to my über-talented husband James--two of his images were selected for inclusion in AP25! The also über-talented (and all-around lovely) Amy Chin was the stylist for this shoot. I must say, the smell of nail polish in the studio was pretty potent afterwards...The other good news is that James has just been signed on by Faucher Artists/Mari Faucher, who represent the likes of Bob Hiemstra, Thibault Jeanson, Alexandra Rowley, Victor Schrager and Evan Sklar. I'm a proud wife indeed.


DoulaMomma said…
congrats to you both!
Alisha said…
this is completely funny to me because I found his work independent of you, actually, and really liked it. Birds of a feather do flock together, eh? I'm happy for you both!

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