Hot air balloons

This is starting to get creepy. I know generally it's boring to hear about people's dreams, but the coincidence seemed like something that might turn into a visual study, so here we are...About a month or two ago I had a number of dreams involving hot air balloons; I'd never dreamed of them before that I can recall, but there they were. And suddenly, they began turning up everywhere in my waking life: In an article about Ian McEwan (I subsequently went out and read Enduring Love); in a postcard sent by my mother-in-law from Arizona; in a drawing by Christine Serchia who left a comment on Tethered; in an email sent to me about artist Cecily Barth Firestein; in a cartoon from this week's New Yorker; in a post by my friend George yesterday ("I wish I could tell you where this hot air balloon was taking us"); as a clay brooch featured on Design is Mine; and today in a post by Ian Aleksander Adams about false memories, where the memory created was all about riding in a hot air balloon, see the full article here. A bit unsettling as just last night I was wondering if all of this had to do with a childhood experience--my grandfather owned a hot air balloon in Iowa and I was going to ride in it when I was about four, but the sound and the fire scared me so much that I started screaming and refused to get on. What does this all mean? Who knows. But I find that my dreams in general lately seem to have something symbolic in them that then shows up in some visual form the next day or a few days after. I'm keeping a list.


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