Lay Flat needs your help

© Yann Orhan, Lay Flat artist

From Shane Lavalette:
From the beginning, it was important to me that photographers were able to submit their work to be considered for Lay Flat free of charge. During the first "call for entries" period, a number of photographers expressed that were very pleased that there was no entry fee involved. I am too! Because of this, however, I have to ask for your help now. At this point, Lay Flat is just shy of the funds necessary to print and distribute the first issue but, with a little help from all of you, we can easily cover these costs!

If you're a photographer who has submitted or simply a lover of photography, I urge you to take this moment to consider donating to Lay Flat. As a donor, you can know that you are supporting an exciting new publication that celebrates photography in a way that is unique from other publications. There is no minimum amount accepted - every penny counts! - but donors that give more than $20 will be thanked in print and will receive an advanced e-mail regarding the release of the publication.

To donate, just head to the website and find the "donate" button:
Help out if you can. Now I'm off to pick an outfit for Amy's opening tonight...


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