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© Sonja Thomsen
© Thomas Prior
© Hin Chua
© Erika Larsen

Andy Adams got in touch to let me know about his latest Flak Photo Feature which is showcasing the work of the 15 photographers chosen to participate in the multifaceted endeavor Pause, to Begin. David Wright and Ethan Jones, founders of the project, are releasing a wide variety of multimedia and photographic content on their website in the coming months and have teamed up with Flak to help present a selection of images.

Current highlights from Pause, to Begin include a recently completed trailer featuring clips from their travels across two countries (and 10,000 miles ) as they met and interviewed the selected photographers, and a retooling of their website which now shows 10 images from all of the participants, along with artist statements. The work is truly inspiring, and it's great to see Flak taking part in the promotion of David and Ethan's endeavor.

The multimedia interviews that they created on their trip in May will be shown throughout the remainder of the month, and they will also be releasing the interviews in conjunction with Flak, along with the daily feature of each Pause, to Begin Photographer, weekdays from October 13-31. You can sign up for daily emails so you can get each Flak photo sent to your Inbox and won't miss out on any of the pictures, see the website for details.

In the coming months Pause, to Begin will be announcing the completion and sale of books that will be produced in two versions: a limited edition, hand-bound book, and a catalogue edition, which will be available for purchase in December. There will also be an international traveling exhibition and book release celebration TBA. It's quite a unique project, and in particular I'll be quite interested to see the interviews and hear about how each of the photographers approaches their craft. I love this statement from their website, so well put:

"An aspiring photographer can, without too much difficulty, find methods for improving his or her technique at capturing an abstracted physicality of the world. In other words, one can learn to record shapes, surfaces, and light, but what one may never learn is how to bring across poignant emotion in his or her photographs. To get to the point that a photographer is making emotional photographs with a clear unique voice, one must embark on a journey of exploration and understanding of the medium while maintaining a nearly implausible balance of experimentation and control."

While we're at it, here's the list of participating artists:

Matthew Gamber (currently in the Bond Street show I mentioned here)
Tealia Ellis Ritter
John Mann
Colin Blakely
Shawn Records
Thomas Prior
Hin Chua
Sonja Thomsen
Brea Souders (part of the Graphic Intersections project from my previous post)
Timothy Briner (also currently in the Bond Street show)
Alejandro Cartagena
Erika Larsen (past Women in Photography featured artist)
Matthew Eich
Shannon Johnstone
Shawn Gust

And for those who aren't familiar with the wonderful Flak here's the gist, from their website:
Flak Photo is a photography blogzine featuring distinctive work from an international community of contributors that promotes interesting visual approaches to seeing the world and celebrates the art of exhibiting quality photography online. The blog is produced by Andy Adams and features work from new photo essays, book projects and gallery exhibitions from established and emerging photographers. Flak Photo is updated frequently, attentively edited and open to submissions from the general public.

Be sure to check it out!


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