Quotidian sublime

Within days of each other I received emails from Tim Carpenter and Mike Fleming, both of whom seem to have a similar take on the quotidian sublime, so it seemed apropos to show their work together for this post.

Tim wrote to introduce himself and to pass along a link to The Center for Fine Art Photography's 2008 Online and Print Portfolio show. Darius Himes chose Tim's work, along with 15 other photographers--see all of the images here, and visit Tim's website here. I think the portraiture in his gallery "good advices" is some of his strongest work, though I've chosen only one from that series to show here since I liked these four images together:

All images above © Tim Capenter

Mike also wrote to introduce himself and noted he couldn't resist emailing to say hello due to the whimsical fact of our shared last name, "and a similar penchant for details and small moments." Indeed--see more of his work on his blog and on his website. I'm having problems moving images around so I'm going to post his photos in a separate entry to follow in order to save myself the hassle of redoing my text around the images. Sit tight...


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