Almost done...

Well, I'm finally almost done with retooling my website. The only thing I have left is to finish up my newest gallery which is currently hidden while I do some final tweaking and arranging. That part of the website will be evolving regardless; it's my latest series and I'm still forming my ideas about the concept, continually shooting for it, etc. and so it will change over the coming days and months, even after my launch is "official." So I'm holding off a little while longer before I send out emails and post that it's ready to view, even though it's pretty much complete.

One thing I went back and forth on was the background color, and I finally settled on changing it to white. I tried multiple (and I mean multiple) variations, but it kept either coming back to that strange beige/nude tone that I had originally which I felt functioned as a neutral (and which you can see a swatch of above), and plain old white. In the end I decided it's about the images, and white was the best choice as far as not distracting from the photographs themselves was concerned. In advance of me feeling I'm ready to shout to the hills that it's settled and done and announcing it here, feel free to take a peek


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