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I just signed up for 20x200's email list so was one of the first to know about Moo Cow by Whats the Jackanory's Andrew Hetherington. How could I resist? I'm not sure if he'd be happy to know this or not, but I think it will look fantastic above Edie's bed. She does have a very hip room, for a four-year-old. Looks like these will sell out quickly, so don't delay.

Looking forward to the Bond Street opening tonight, I'll have the chance to walk down my old block in Carroll Gardens. I used to live on 1st Street between Hoyt and Bond, so the gallery is literally right around the corner. I spent two years on 1st St. before moving with James to Warren between Smith and Hoyt, then on to our current locale of Maplewood, NJ. It's always nice to go back to the old neighborhood and reminisce, though poor James has food poisoning so won't be joining me after all. Luckily I'm meeting up with the lovely Melanie Flood so I won't be in the corner trying to look cool all by my lonesome...

In a crazy small-world twist I received a nice email from Timothy Briner, whom I've never met, saying he reads Tethered and will also be at the opening. I wrote back to let him know that that I think his project Boonville is amazing, and I love the honest writing on his blog HYSMD, so I was happy he'd gotten in touch. I mentioned the exchange to James and as it turns out Timothy did some photo assisting for him a while back, nuts! 

So I'm heading upstairs to take a shower while the kids are with our babysitter, must get ready. Keep a lookout tonight for a blond woman who needs a haircut holding a Fuji FinePix that's been decorated with red crayon and stickers (that would be Edie's doing, as you might have guessed).

Also very happy to hear from Justin Visnesky yesterday inviting me to be part of a group show he's curating called "Here and There" at Snowflake/City Stock gallery in St. Louis, will post details when I have more time. 


Anonymous said…
thats so crazy!!! hope you and tim had a good time!!!!!


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