Happy birthday, Junie

June turned two yesterday. Wow. It feels like she's been part of our lives forever, and it also feels like it should be her first birthday, that it can't possibly be two entire years since she was born. The top image is obviously from August 29th, 2006, and the second image was taken by Edie on June's first birthday, at the exact time she was born, 3:12pm. I meant to do the same yesterday, I really did, but time got away from me, and June has a cold and was looking a little worse for wear regardless, so I plan to take some photos tomorrow that will have to suffice as images of what she looks like now, with her hair that much longer, her face that much older. What I love about her is she's such a little character: a completely formed personality in this chubby babyish body. She's a spunky thing, in the best way possible, and whenever I look at her I can't believe my luck. Two healthy, beautiful girls. I'm feeling very grateful this evening. 


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