Exposure Compensation

Many, many thanks to Miguel Garcia-Guzman over at Exposure Compensation for this post up today about my work. To know that my photographs have had an emotional impact is, to me, the highest compliment someone can offer about my images. The act of taking pictures--as I've mentioned before--is about finding that sense of connection, passion, and fundamentally capturing my emotional response to a scene before me,  so to know that this quality came through for Miguel is, frankly, quite moving to me. As always, I'm honored.


J. Wesley Brown said…
Yeah, saw that this morning and smiled. Congrats.
Anonymous said…
Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks very much indeed. Very kind of you. Sincerely, your work is really special, and I felt that the moment i saw it. Your work is loaded with emotion, and this is a reflection of your approach to photography.

I am looking forward to seeing you career move along. Please keep in touch.

With appreciation,



You're very welcome! I'll be sure to send along updates and, as always, I look forward to reading your posts.


P.S. And thanks to you too, Wes.
Bob Smith said…
I saw Miguel's post and that's what brought me here. Good luck with the MFA thesis -

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