Letting go revisited

Still working on my website...

Once again I'm trying to decide whether to let go of certain pictures. At the end of my "Traces and allegories" gallery I have four pairs of vertical images and a final horizontal image entitled Cord, seen above. They're all of Edie when she was a tiny baby: my first examinations of life as a mother, stylistically related to what came before her birth via the close-up detail shots of dust bunnies and other domestic imperfections, and the more set-up fairy-tale-esque allegory work. The photographs of Edie in this visual mode were never plentiful, but I feel a deep attachment to these shots. They were my first foray into looking at my child through my art. And yet I wonder if they feel tacked on to the end of the other two more well-developed bodies of work. They obviously don't fit in with "Life is a series...": different, camera, different format, different mindset. So there they sit while I contemplate hitting the delete button, relegating them to my archives in order to give the square-format images room to breath. Thoughts?


Liz said…
Elizabeth, I can't tell you whether to let them go, but I can tell you that I think the series would be stronger without them. They seem incongruous with the other images in the series, more like an afterthought to me.

You know this, of course, but just because you let them go from this series doesn't mean you let them go entirely. Maybe they'll fit somewhere else.

Your work is beautiful, by the way. I've told you that before, I think, but you can never hear it enough, right? :)
I agree, afterthought is a good way to put it. I think these may be images that are for me, i.e. I print and frame them and hang them on the wall to enjoy whenever I like.

So thanks for confirming what I was struggling with, and thanks too for the compliment. It's true, I can never hear it enough, I'm a sucker for kind words about my work :) I have to say likewise to you on your photos, the redesign of your site looks great and I'm really intrigued by the babysitter series and looking forward to seeing where it goes.


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