Colleen Plumb

© Colleen Plumb

A couple of weeks ago James and I went to the opening for Amy Elkins' series "Wallflower" at Yancey Richardson. It was wonderful to view the work in person, and if you haven't seen it yet I recommend heading over to check it out, along with Sharon Core's "Early American" photographs which are in the front gallery.

A nice surprise that evening was having the pleasure of being introduced to Colleen Plumb, whose work I've long admired. She was visiting from Chicago and we had a nice chat about motherhood, photography, and the like. I can't remember where I first saw her images, but they really stuck with me and her website has been in my bookmark folder for a while now. Her series "Animals Are Outside Today" examines, in her words "the essence of our connection, as well as our fragmentation from the natural." She goes on to say "I am interested in the ever increasing disconnection that exists between humans and the natural world. The work explores simulation, consumption, destruction, and reconstruction as well as notions of endurance and the reality of loss." She also recently added a section of new work, which contains some great new shots, including a few pictures of her daughter Ruth, be sure to take a look.


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