this joy +ride

Many thanks to Sheri Reed for asking me to be part of her new venture, this joy + ride. It's a lovely site and Sheri is one multi-talented lady: she's the co-editor of mamazine, she blogs at happinest, and shows off her photos at today is pretty, in addition to raising her two young sons. You can see the other founder of this joy +ride Shari's blog the glass doorknob here. I have all new never-before-seen photos up so I hope you'll take a look.

More about this joy+ride: "[it's] the brainchild of shari + sheri, two friends who share the same name with different spellings. each issue features a poet, photographer or other creative, their original work + an interview. our goal is to honor simplicity + beauty + to provide our readers with a small burst of inspiration."


Thank you! I just looked at your work on Etsy and bought the Alaska postcard, it's gorgeous.
Molly said…
Thank you so much! :) It's from our honeymoon. I appreciate your support. xo

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