Happy Birthday, Edie

A very happy birthday to my Edie, who turned five on Tuesday. The top image is moments after her birth, the second is me as a new mom with my days-old baby, and there's my girl looking quite proud of herself, I must say, at her tricked-out gym party. What strikes me is that she has almost the same expression on her face at a few minute's old as she does in her tiara and feather boa. She really did enter this earth fully herself in many ways--she's always been Edie: creative and full of passion and quite tuned in to all the details of the world, absorbed by a leaf as much as a book as much as the making of one of her drawings; imaginative and stubborn and one of the best things to ever happen to me.


Rob Fleming said…
Google Caravaggio 'Rest During the Flight to Egypt' and note the uncanny correspondence.

Edie's Grandfather

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