Quotidian sublime, one day late

© Liz Kuball

I just saw this wonderful photograph by Liz Kuball on her blog, and I'm glad I did--not only is it a great image, but it immediately reminded me that I forgot to post yesterday for my new "Quotidian Sublime Thursdays," so here it is a day late. See more of Liz's work here.


Liz said…
Wow, thanks, Elizabeth! I was actually thinking of you when I took that photo. I'm so in awe of how you seem to find beautiful images all around you, and I'm consciously trying to look for these moments in my own life. You've been a huge inspiration. Thanks again!
You're very welcome! Wonderful to hear that I was on your mind when the photo was made, I'm honored! You definitely have that eye for the beautiful in the everyday, I'll look forward to seeing more.

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