Turkey I & II, 2001

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday--no presents to buy, simply a time to reflect on the things we're grateful for and be together and eat. The one contradiction is the thought of the poor turkeys--next year I plan to forgo the meat; I have my sites set on vegetarianism in 2009. But as a currently lactating mom with a propensity for boniness I have to stick to a high-protein diet for now. Our turkey is organic free-range at least, but these days that seems to simply mean ten minutes of fresh air and organic corn pellets for the birds...Looking toward the future one of my new-year's resolutions is to try to feel less guilty, but for now I'll have my usual struggles, recognizing the contradiction in my sincere gratitude for all that I have, coupled with the knowledge that others will always have less. Above it all I'm extremely thankful for my girls and for James, my family and friends, my art and my writing and those out there who keep creating so that I can enjoy their work, not to mention my sweet dog and my cozy house. Now I have to go change the sheets before the in-laws arrive.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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