Wassenaar 01

© Lina Scheynius
© Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann
© Misha de Ridder
© Gustav Gustafsson

Noel Rodo-Vankeulen's Wassenaar magazine is now online--it looks truly spectacular and I'm very honored to be a part of the inaugural issue. See the whole thing here.

Participating artists:

Solo shows:
Julia Baum
Alexander Binder
Gustav Gustafsson
Michael Bühler-Rose
Misha de Ridder
Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann

Group show, Domesticity Redux:
Ben Alper
Matthew Crowther
Stefanie Fiore
Yours truly
Lee Gainer
Erin Nelson
Donald Rasmussen
Justin James Reed
Sean Stewart
Helen Stuhr-Rommereim
Tribble & Mancenido
Paris Visone

Interview with Lina Scheynius, by Johanna Reed


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