Happy Mother's Day...

...to all of the wonderful women in my life. For my part I slept until ten and was woken by the girls bearing the Sunday Times, asking what I wanted for breakfast. Edie handed me a wrapped picture frame she made in school and June wished me a "happy birthday"--their excitement was quite adorable. James made me eggs and coffee and has now headed out of the house with the kids in tow so I can hang out in my pajamas reading the paper. He was out of town for three days and got in last night, so I have to say I feel like supermom, and am enjoying a break even more so than usual. Later I think I'll do some gardening, my latest obsession--you can see some photographs of my handiwork above.

Enjoy your Sunday--it's an amazing thing to be a mother, and on this gorgeous windy afternoon I feel particularly enamored of my family.


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