New York Photo Award nominees announced

Well, I didn't make the cut again this year. It does sting the ego a bit. Alas, the photo submission process is a game of win some, lose some. Depending on my mood I'm either able to take it in stride or I get that sneaky sad-in-the-chest feeling. I suppose due to my powerHouse portfolio review experience (which I wrote about here) this one is causing some letdown, almost like I didn't get invited to the party for the cool kids...Tomorrow this uneasy feeling will be gone and I'll get back up on the horse, as I always do.

Phew, now that we've gotten my silly self-pity party fully out of the way, I'd like to heartily congratulate Lydia Panas, Kevin Miyazaki, Brad Moore, Eric McNatt, Robin Schwartz/Tinyvices and Grant Willing, all extremely talented photographers, for their inclusion. Take a look at the full list of nominees here.


Honestly, I decided I couldn't afford the submission process this year. hah
Brea Souders said…
Me neither - those were NOT recession prices! Insanity.

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