Want to see something funny?

Voilà! School pictures. I decided to let the kids dress themselves because really the preschool shots are not precious keepsakes to this family of photographers, to say the least (look at those crayons!)--they're more a way to add some kitsch value to our fridge. Edie chose red for her ensemble (not her best color--look at that bow!) and though she's typically quite a goof, the day of the picture-taking she was apparently in a more serious mood. June went for a Laugh-In themed look complete with purple rain boots--the little hand on her knee just cracks me up. Someday, when they're older, these pictures will make me weep with nostalgia.


Ilan said…
Excellent photos!
Very nicely done - the colors, the cute models :)
Wonderful photoblog you have here :)
Ms Flood said…
Amazing. I want to gobble them up.

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