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I saw this Blog Rank on Whats the Jackanory (which scored in 83rd position in the ultimate rank) and had to check it out. Tethered is only number 149 in the ultimate rank, but made it on the list under Top Photography blogs by Alexa site rank. Frankly I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I'm number 36 out of 50, so I'll take it. Tethered is also number 22 out of 38 in Top Photography blogs by the number of pages indexed by Google. It seems that your blog won't show up in the rank until you input it, so add yours to the list and see where you stack up. Fun and games!


One day I'll have to learn what all this SEO crap means, but I don't even want to have ads on my site so I guess it doesn't matter too much.
Aaron said…
whoohoo, I'm #29 right behind you in some category I have no understanding of! We rock!
Your comments crack me up. Aaron, I know--go us! For what? Who knows!

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